Friday, April 1, 2011

Ryan is a Slacker...

and a Sleeper!  When Ryan puts Sullivan to bed he often falls asleep right along with him.  And it is really hard to get Ryan to wake up once he falls asleep.

Last night he fell asleep and we hadn't had our staring contest yet!  I really tried to wake him up but gave up and decided that today we would have a 20 minute session.  *When you're the only one awake, you get to make up the rules.  :) 

I've been really excited about it all day!  10 minutes was challenging the first time but after only 4 sessions I'm actually kinda bummed when the timer goes off.  Ten minutes goes by quickly!  20 minutes would be really hard but really awesome!

And again, Ryan is sleeping.  I've tried three times to get him up.  He even had a coffee before he started Sully's bedtime routine.  And he has not completed our challenge.   Dun, Dun, DUN.

Apparently we need some rules for our Twenty-one Day Challenges.  What are the consequences of missing a day?  Is thirty minutes of continuous eye contact even possible???  Right now this is all I can think of.  Thirty minutes is going to be really, really hard.  Really hard!  Oy.

1 comment:

  1. I gotta say, being a Daddy is draining. :) Maybe we should have an incentive if we can maintain the constant 21 days? hmmm, suggestions?

    -(30 minutes is totatally gonna be marathon, btw)