Sunday, April 17, 2011

Failure Eminent!

Okay.. so :) with good intentions, we began to realize that the timing of our challenge (as in time of day) was inconvenient. Extended eye contact was cake and 10 minutes of it seemed to fly by. Even our catch-up days of 30 minute eye contact (when I happened to fall asleep at night with Sully) went really well.

But...however, the evening (say 10:00) time slot after the kids fall asleep was not the best target time. The kids would either take longer to fall asleep than normal. Or, I would fall asleep with Sullivan and wake up around 12:00 (okay! lets get our eye contact in at midnight...). We need to rethink when we are going to plan the execution of our challenge, play time? During sesame street for 10 minutes?... we are reviewing the situation!


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