Ryan is my lovely husband!  We started dating in high school and were married five years later.  Ryan has a degree in English and a minor in Phylosophy.  He holds a Master's Degree in Education with a license in EBD.  He is a writer, an Elementary Special Education Teacher, a runner, and a reader.  He is a fabulous Daddy.  His specialty is wrestling with our 3 year old son, Sullivan and dancing with our 1 year old daughter, Story.  Ryan is quiet, strong, and he knows everything.  I depend on him so much; God knew exactly what I needed when he put us together.


Kim is my fabulous wife! She is a gluten-free vegetarian momma, business owner, and glamorous wedding photographer! She is a research extraordinaire, list maker, and healthy foods spelunker.  Every blessing in my life is anchored in her as she challenges me to push my own boundaries and enrich our lives together!