Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 5

This would be A LOT easier if I didn't have to cook 3+ meals a day for two hungry kids!
And I must say, the food I cook looks delicious! 

I'm grasping for inspiration and motivation everywhere I can find it! 
My most motivating thought is: "Kim!  You're going to Mazatlan in one month!  You'll be wearing a swimsuit AND enjoying all inclusive meals and drinks for 8 days! Relaaaaax!"

I keep on accidentally reaching for food.  (As I prepare the kids' meals.)  I licked my finger after cutting up Story's burrito tonight.  !Food!  In my mouth!  So many strong habits to squelch out.

I'm staying super nourished with my Dynamic Greens drinks and my juices. And my soup really calms down my cravings. ...Detox Tea -not my favorite.  Guzzle it quick and try not to let it touch my tongue.  :)

Today I drank a glass of 5 carrots, a red kale leaf, a handful of parsley and a bit of ginger.  Pretty good.  No fruit on this diet though.  Half an apple added to any glass of veggies makes it super tasty.  Carrots are the sweetest veggie to juice.  I haven't gotten up the courage to juice my garlic yet.  Maybe tomorrow? 

I'm loosing about a pound a day but I think the inches are falling off my waist.  We'll see.  I measured everything on the first day.  Results in 16 days! 

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