Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 4

!!!  I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Day one was prettty easy.  Day two was okay too.  Day three...  more difficult.  Unfortunately my 21 detox days had to be scheduled over Christmas.  But today, at my family's Christmas party, I was a woman of willpower!  I brought my "free soup" and I made it through.

Free Soup is acceptable cheating.  :)  Water, veggies, and spices all cooked and blended up smooth and liquefied.  Kiiinda just like baby food.  :/  But it was warm and tasty!

Getting past the temptations of Day 3 makes me feel even more powerful!  I'm on a good path.

I see on the facebook page that people report feeling completely awesome during the end of the fast.  I'm looking forward to that.  Though these first days aren't as difficult as I expected them to be! So that's good.

As of AM of Day 3 I'm down 5 pounds.  Pretty cool. Oh yeah, Goals!

-I'm hoping for those 21 pounds!
-I'm really hoping to think more clearly.  I've been swimming in brain fog lately and people claim that it clears after detoxing.  I want in on that! 
-I guess I don't know what else to expect.  I don't have too many ailments to complain of so I'm just excited to be living in a healthier, much less toxic body.

I should tell one of the biggest reasons I decided to detox.
This summer I just finished nursing my daughter.  My diet was really strict and one thing I couldn't eat was dairy.  (When I did, Story broke out in a terribly itchy rash.)  I, too, am allergic to dairy but I haven't been strict enough to take it completely out of my diet on my own.  Well, watching Story scratch until she bled was very motivating.  And the longer I didn't eat dairy the more weight I lost (and the less itchy Story was).  It was awesome!  :)

...But when I was finished nursing I rewarded myself  >> with dairy.   Like once or twice a week.  I quickly gained 20 pounds.  20!  Ach!  I just don't think macaroni and cheese is worth that.

So here I am.  Working to reverse what I did to myself. 

There's also the 24 years I spent eating gluten.  Gluten attacks the digestive system (if your allergic/intolerant).  So maybe this will give my body the time and energy to repair any damage left over from that.   Who knows?

And I'm not often on prescription meds.  But the nastiness that they drug you up with when you have a c-section (or two) ...I feel like some of that is lurking in my body somewhere.  This is my body's opportunity to shed that, too!

So now that I've spilled all my goals and motivation!  I'm going to go oil pull, drink some dynamic greens, take a shot of aloe vera, pop an enzyme supplement, relax on the chi machine for 20 minutes, and sink into bed.

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