Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Food Matters    >So much real, applicable information in this documentary! I learn something new every time I watch it.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead   >This is a very inspiring movie!  The first half is a bit slow but stick it out~  I think this one is the most related to the detox I am doing.   

The Beautiful Truth   >Good info!  Interviews with crazy people. Loved it. 

Dying to Have Known    >This one is kinda weird but I really like it.  This one and The Gerson Miracle are pretty similar. 

The Gerson Miracle    > More good info on health and food!

Food Inc.   >Everyone knows about this one, right? 

Supercharge Your Immune System (14:13)
Kiss Your Fat Goodbye: Get Fit Now 
 >These last two are weird.  Kind of like sitting in a classroom being lectured by Dr. Gary Null.  Very odd but there is definitely some good info.  I liked them but I listed them last because I recommend watching the others first.   (I noted 14:13 for myself -he talks a lot about greens and I'm about to be juicing a lot of greeeeens!)

21 Pounds in 21 Days  >Must read.  Every page has important info.  Don't dive in without reading this book. Everything you need to know to detox correctly. 

 The Miracle of Fasting  >You know Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar?  Well Bragg is this crazy supernaturally healthy dude who has some strange information on how to live forever.  :)  I really like this book! 

Websites: >Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox Official Website >I've been using this one a lot.  Asking questions and reading about others' experiences.

I think if you were to choose only two I'd say you must read 21 Pounds in 21 Days for vital information and you should watch Fat, Sick and Nearly dead for a good kick of inspiration.  But all the movies are available to watch instantly on Netflix and you can get the books used for ultra cheap on Amazon.  Do it!  :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heads Up! New 21 Day Challenge

  Starting my 21 Day Detox on December 15th. 

I am starting a few weeks before New Years.  For a number of reasons but one of them being that if anyone is hoping to start the New Year with the detox you can follow and ask questions and I'll be 2 weeks ahead of the game.  I'm nervous to tell anyone to join at the same time as me because I just know I'm going to make mistakes and I don't want to take anyone down with me!  I'd rather share what I learn so you can refine and apply what is relevant for yourself.  (I have my friend Michele and Ryan detoxing along with me, I'm hoping they will share their experiences too.)

3 Big Things!

1) Get this book!  21 Pounds in 21 Days  Please don't be deterred by the title!  I'll share why I think this title is terrible later. This book is so important to have.  I'll share a list of other references but this one is a priority!  I got a used one on Amazon for $3.  I'll be following this detox.

2) Use this coupon!  A Colon Hydrotherapy appointment costs around $70 and the detox plan calls for three of them.  I'm so glad Groupon is offering a package of three appointments for $69!  Perfect timing.  The coupon is for LifeCleanse in Anoka.   It doesn't say when the offer expires but I wouldn't wait too long if you are serious about detoxing!  (You have a year to use the appointments.)  Today I purchased mine and made my first appointment.  :)  (Obviously, a lot more on colonics later, too.  Great. ;))

3) You neeeed a juicer.  My mom found mine for me at Goodwill for $10.   I found one at Goodwill for Michele for $5.  Average price on craigstlist is $20-30. New juicers can cost up to $300.  Start your search now if you want to save a buck. 

I have so much planned!  Blog drafts started, supplements ordered, lists made.  Let me know if you're excited! and if you want to detox, too!  )