Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Geez... AGAIN!

Seriously.  We're like 10ish days into our first Twenty-One Day Challenge and we already can't seem to keep up!  We do go to bed pretty late so I guess we have to give Ryan some credit.  We're tired.  We yawn a lot during our 11:50pm stare-athons.  But I really don't want to do another 30 minute round!

It went pretty well -the last one that is.  Not excruciating.  :)  Our eyes were dry and the dog chewed up a toy because she knows she can get away with anything now.  It's really odd to yell at the dog while gazing into your love's eyes. 

I think now that we've done quite a few 10 min rounds and one 30 minute one I can say that the perfect (weird) date would include about 15-20 minutes of continuous eye contact.  I kind of feel cut off as I'm really settling in when that buzzer goes at ten minutes.

So tonight, again, we have a 30 minute date.  Did I say, "again?" 

Oh yeah, and we're buying a condo.  :) 
...So we should have some pretty interesting conversation, right???

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