Thursday, March 31, 2011

4 Days In

Juuuuust in case you're wondering.  Did they even do the challenge?!

Of course!  Proof:
(This is obviously 10 long and very, very boring minutes.  Are you really going to watch it!?)

The first time was really difficult!  It took a lot of concentration and focus to keep my eyes from looking away for a moment.  Today, we just finished our fourth 10 minute session and I really love it!  We wait until the kids are in bed and it's quiet.  Taking this time to connect at the end of the day is feeding my soul.  I feel stress slowly melt away as we sit together. 

It's reassuring that we're so comfortable doing this.  Sometimes we're completely quiet and sometimes we rehash our day.  Putting 100% of our focus on each other just feels so gooood.

Now that I think about it... these are ten minutes that have to be happy.  In times of tension and frustration we ever look right into each others' eyes.  If we did I'd probably end up laughing or something.  I think I read about a couple who, whenever they were in an argument, they would hold hands and, of course, they immediately find compromise.  Seeing and being seen...  :)

I really hope people are trying this with us!  Oh, please try it!  And tell us what you think! 

I love it!

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